Raising funds for the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market

On Saturday May 5, hundreds of area residents took to the streets for the 35th Annual Access of West Michigan 5K Hunger Walk. The tagline for the event was “Walking Together. Ending Hunger.”

Walkers representing the Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council (GGRFSC), Kent County Health Department (KCHD) and Our Kitchen Table (OKT) were among the crowd. Monies raised through their pledges will go towards funding the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market. The seven members of OKT‘s Food Diversity Project team hope to raise $500 for the market.

While one walk, one day a year will not realistically end hunger in the greater Grand Rapids area, we are thankful that ACCESS and the food pantries it stocks are working hard to make that happen. OKT recognizes that huge systemic changes need to be made in order for hunger to be truly eradicated. Until we build a social movement that can bring about those changes, organizations like ACCESS of West Michigan are vitally important.

OKT also recognizes that it’s one thing to fill an empty stomach—and yet another to provide equitable access to healthy, nutritious foods. While filling a belly gets a child through an otherwise hungry night, providing that child fresh, whole foods nourishes her whole body, including her growing brain. A child fed nutritious foods enjoys better health, pays better attention in school and feels happier and more energetic.

These are the kinds of foods that the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market brings to the neighborhood. Please do what you can to support the market this year.