March planned this Saturday in Grand Rapids to fight GRPS plan

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March of the Stakeholders

  • Saturday, December 15
  • Noon – 3PM
  • Beginning at Rosa Parks Circle in Downtown Grand Rapids

Local people are angry and organized. With the continued dismantling of Grand Rapids Public Schools and the partnerships with the private sector to build places like the Van Andel funded University Prep Academy on Division.

Here is what the Facebook event page says about what is planned this Saturday:276540_372397129520284_1168454827_n

Bring the REAL stakeholders (our children!) to lead us parents as well as teachers and community supporters in a march this Saturday at 12 noon from Rosa Parks Circle toAmway Grand Plaza.

The purpose of our march is to oppose GRPS’s “Transformation Plan” to shutter 10 more of our public schools in the coming year and to bring our complaint to those financially and ideologically responsible for the plan.

The “Cambridge Report”, upon which the GRPS Transformation Plan is based, was paid for with nearly 1/4 $ million from the DeVos family, a family that has been working for over ten years to privatize and dismantle public schools not only in Grand Rapids but also nationwide. As Dick Devos put it in his 2002 speech on the topic to theHeritage Foundation, “Because we know how the government schools perpetuate themselves, we can design a plan to dismantle them”.

Is it any surprise then, that the DeVos family-sponsored study recommended shuttering 10 more of our public schools? It is not a surprise, but it is a surprise that GRPS administrators would simply fall in line!

25 schools have already been shuttered in recent years: closing 10 more leaves our city with a dwindling public education base and just clears the way for more private and charter schools to take their place.

This is one “philanthropic” donation GRPS adminstrators should steadfastly refuse: they should instead be working to expand our public school base, while providing wraparound services and diverse learning opportunities at every school!

Join us and let’s work to save our public school system locally and nationally at the same time. If GRPS won’t do it, we will.

Sponsored by Save Our Schools Grand Rapids (SOSGR)