Collective Whole Foods Purchase Group

The Southeast Area Farmers’ Market offers its patrons and OKT constituents monthly opportunity to purchase bulk
whole foods, e.g. dry beans, whole grain flours, nuts and seeds, pasta, rice and more. Items are ordered from Country Life Natural Foods, a supplier to Michigan food co-ops. View the entire PDF Catalog here. Place your order through the contact form below or in person at the market.  Orders will be available for pick-up on specific dates at the market during market season.

As the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market accepts Bridge card/SNAP/EBT, its patrons using these programs will be able to buy bulk food items at the market along with fresh, local fruits, vegetables and herbs. The market offers some bulk foods for direct purchase as well. By ordering together, minimum purchase requirements for free delivery are met. Food orders will not be marked up from the catalog price. And, OKT is not adding any kind of fee to orders.

Our Kitchen Table (OKT), the organization managing the market, is pilot testing this program.

Pick ups are at the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market or Garfield Park Lodge..