Healthy Eating Strategies Curriculum

OKT provides Healthy Eating Strategies via its Cook, Eat & Talk program for the community at large as well as for other nonprofit organizations and agencies. Some are one time events, others have been two-week, six-week and eight week series. Our communications staff creates handouts tailored to the specific group we are working with, based on a basic outline of topics we like to cover. The materials below were developed for an eight-week series and encompass most of what we cover in all of our series: food/media literacy, healthy recipes, nutrition tips and food justice.

Cook Eat & Talk fall series


CET 1 Fall 2016

CET 2 Fall 2016

CET 3 Fall 2016

CET 4 Fall 2016

CET 5 Fall 2016

CET 6 Fall 2016

CET 7 Fall 2016

CET 8 Fall 2016