Come on down and get twice as much healthy food for your money!

The Southeast Farmers Market is one of five Grand Rapids area farmers’ markets participating in the Double Up Food Bucks program. Double Up Food Bucks is sort of like a having a $20 BOGO―buy one get one free—coupon. When shoppers use their SNAP Bridge Cards to shop for food at the farmers’ market, the amount of money that they spend is matched with Double Up Food Bucks bonus tokens—up to $20 each time they visit the market.

The women of Our Kitchen Table are ready and waiting to provide farmers’ market shoppers with the Double Up Food Bucks tokens. In fact, we are hoping more shoppers will start taking advantage of the program. We have hundreds of tokens left and it’s already half way through the farmers’ market season. Please! Come on down and get twice as much healthy food for your money!

The tokens are good for purchasing any Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables. Since all of the food sold at the Southeast Area Farmer’s’ Market is locally grown, you can buy any of the produce that our vendors are selling.

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight, stay fit and reduce your risk for many chronic diseases. Did you know that eating fruits and vegetables may even lessen the frequency and severity of asthma attacks?

Besides, fruits and vegetables taste great – especially when you get them fresh and in season. Best of all, our neighbors can now stretch their food dollars and get even more fresh Michigan-grown produce when they shop either Southeast Area Farmers’ market location:

Double Up Food Bucks are also available at the Fulton Street Farmers’ Market, Plainfield Farmers’ Market, Douglas D. Hunting YMCA Farmers’ Market and the Sparta Farmers’ Market.

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