A Healthy New Year!

Healthy foods brought to the table by OKT's Mrs. Yvonne Woodard

When the New Year rolls around, many of us consider resolutions concerning our health. Better health often depends on changing how we eat and exercising more. January is not the easiest time to do either! For one, the farmers’ market isn’t open—and who wants to get out and exercise in the cold?

However, while resolutions like getting rich or finding the perfect mate may be out of our control, getting healthier is something we can control. Consider the food you choose. Food comes in two varieties: man-made and nature-made. Man-made food comes from factories, has long lists of chemical ingredients and is readily available at the corner store and fast food restaurants. It makes you gain weight and get sick. TV, billboards and other media launch a constant barrage of advertising to convince you to eat it.

Nature-made foods come directly from the ground, a tree or an animal with little or no processing. They build your health with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, protein and fiber that help your body function in health. They reduce your risks for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Nature-made foods are best when you prepare them yourself!

During these months when the farmers’ market is closed, take some time to read the labels on the food you eat and serve your family. The fewer ingredients, the better! Make time to eat a good breakfast and cook meals at home. You may find that you have more energy—and feel more inclined to exercise.

Meanwhile, the women of Our Kitchen Table raise this traditional New Year’s toast to each and every one of you, “To your health!”