Signs of the Times


This market season, the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market will be a little easier to find. Jill Myer,our market partner from the Kent County Health Department (KCHD), wrote for a grant from theConservation Fund for $3,000.00 to help promote the market. KCHD also prints the market flyers, fundscoupons for fresh produce that can be used at the market and will staff various health related activitiesat the market throughout the season.

The lion’s share of those funds will go to the purchase of new signage for the market. One criticism wereceived about last years’ farmers markets was that “there didn’t seem to be much going on.” Part ofthat problem arose because the market had such inadequate signage.

Another reason the market didn’t always appear to be very busy was that people were walking to it

rather than driving cars. The OKT market management team sees this as a plus. The Southeast Area Farmers’ Market is designed to serve the immediate neighborhoods, not particularly draw in a lot ofoutside traffic.The new signage will include sandwich board signs, a banner and yard signs. If you would like to help outby placing a yard sign in from of your house on market days, contact Our Kitchen Table and we will beglad to provide one. You will also see us in the neighborhoods bringing handouts and information door-to-door. When we knock at your door, we hope you might have a few minutes to chat with us. After all,the Southeast Area Farmers Market is YOUR community market. Please help us to spread the word!