Skill-share, “Canning Applesauce & Brewing Herbal Teas for the Cold Season” this Saturday

Our Kitchen Table hosts the last in its 2012 series, Preserving the Harvest, with a skill share on Canning Applesauce & Brewing Herbal Teas for the Cold Season. Co-sponsored by The Bloom Collective, the event takes place upstairs from The Bloom space in the kitchen of Steepletown Center, 671 Davis NW (corner of 5th) this Saturday, Sept. 29 from 2 – 4 p.m.

Facilitated by Jeff Smith, from The Bloom Collective, and Stelle, from The Bloom and OKT, the skill-share is free and open to everyone. OKT will provide fruit and jars.

OKT initiated the Preserving the Harvest series not as a way to jump on board the current “canning bandwagon,” but as part of its efforts to build an alternative food system within Grand Rapids’ neighborhoods. Canning your own food is easy and cheaper – you end up with a superior product when it comes to nutrition and flavor.

In addition, canning your own locally grown food takes you a step away from the industrial food system, a food system that is environmentally unsustainable, nutritionally bankrupt and profits by underpaying farmers and farm workers.

Are you one of the millions of Americans without health insurance? Brewing your own cold season remedies can provide you a gentle, inexpensive alternative to often dangerous prescription and over the counter remedies. We will look at simple teas that help relieve symptoms of sinus congestion, sore throat, cough and tummy troubles. If you have your own remedies, please bring them along to share.