Become a Bloom Collective patron today and matching gift will double your donation

bloom-collective-logoThe Bloom Collective is a Grand Rapids infoshop and lending library located in Grand Rapids offering a wide variety materials aimed at promoting radical social change. For the past several years, The Bloom has supported OKT by sharing its space and helping promote its events. For the past two years, OKT has located its office space within The Bloom Collective at Steepletown Center and, with help from the Kellogg grant money, contributed towards The Bloom’s monthly rent.

OKT is continuing that arrangement through Ocotber 2013 as The Bloom moves to its new location at 8 Jefferson SE in downtown Grand Rapids. The new space will give The Bloom and OKT higher visibility and be more convenient for both organizations’ constituents.

The rent at 8 Jefferson is triple what was being paid at Steepletown (although that location was in the process of raising the rent). So, The Bloom has mounted a very successful fund raising drive to help pay  rent and remodeling costs. One anonymous donor has pledged a $2,000 matching gift–donations have not yet reached the $2,000 mark.. The offer will only be in effect for three more days.

If you can, please support The Bloom and OKT by donating or paying for an annual membership to The Bloom Collective today. Simply click here to make your payment through WePay.