Stabenow votes to cut food stamps

Reprinted from The Daily Koss
Last week, the U.S. Senate voted down an amendment by Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to restore $4.1 billion in food stamp cuts—by reducing corporate welfare to a handful of crop insurance companies, mostly based overseas. Only 26 senators voted “yes.”

But we can’t blame obstructionist Republicans. Twenty-eight Senate Democrats (including Stabenow) joined with all voting Republicans to defeat this crucial amendment. If these cuts are allowed, around 500,000 low-income households will lose an average of $90 in monthly benefits.

Food Stamps are already being cut as the federal stimulus dries up, and these proposed new cuts—from both parties—will only make it worse. Given that so many people are working for fewer hours or lower wages, now is not the time to cut such essential benefits.

Click here to join Daily Kos and Campaign for America’s Future  petition campaign to these 28 Senate Democrats, demanding they put low-income families ahead of corporate welfare—and to oppose draconian cuts to food stamps.


Note from OKT–Stabenow also recently voted against allowing states to create their own  GMO food labeling requirements. You can view her voting record at