OKT gardeners and Well House residents learn about composting

WellHouseCompostClass.7On Monday July 22, biochemist and OKT collaborative partner, Clinton Boyd PhD, taught a group Well House members, OKT gardeners and neighborhood residents the true nature of compost and how to end up with the rich humus that gardens need.  He offered samples for participants to touch, smell and even taste.

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What is compost?  According to Boyd, compost is an overused term not clearly defined by those using it.  Commercial industries, backyard gardeners and community gardens say that they are composting but that’s not always the case. Boyd says that real composting results in fluffy humus, rich in carbon.  While similar to potting soil in texture and color, it is healthier for your garden.

Camilla Voelker, Well House urban farmer, said that she gained a lot of knowledge from Clinton will help her improve Well House’s composting practices. Well House provides safe, affordable housing to the homeless. Like OKT, Well House believes that food is everyone’s right … not a privilege for those who can afford it.

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