Celebrate NeighborWoods

Reposted from Grand Rapids Urban Forest Project.

October is National NeighborWoods month; a chance to celebrate trees in your community. Across the nation, volunteers and citizens have the opportunity to find numerous events and plantings in their community.  Last year alone, NeighborWoods included nearly 300 cities, and 45,000 trees throughout the United States

This year, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks (FGRP) has listed several events for NeighborWoods. We hope to get large groupings of the Greater Grand Rapids community involved and push the number of trees planting well past 45,000 trees. With the active support, drive, and enthusiasm of our volunteers, we can make this year even better than last year!

Whether it is a goal of NeighborWoods, FGRP, or a personal goal, getting involved and active is strongly encouraged. If you cannot make it to one of the sponsored events, please just get out there and plant a single tree on your own!

We hope to see you at NeighborWoods

Tree ID Workshop (fulfills Citizen Forester requirement)
Blandford Nature Center                       October 1, 6:30p

MLK Tree Orchard Planting    
Martin Luther King Park                      October 12, 10a

Brewers Grove Tree Planting
Riverside Park                                        October 17, 4p

Tree Planting & NeighborWoods Celebration
Riverside Park                                        October 26, 9a

If you’re interested in attending these or other events, please RSVPby contacting 616.389.4687 or lee.mueller@friendsofgparks.org.

Check out the calendar for more events.