Boo! 2013 Double Up Food Bucks program ends Oct. 31

When you use a SNAP Bridge Card to shop for food at a participating farmers’ market, the amount of money that you spend is matched with Double Up Food Bucks. You can use these to buy fruits and vegetables that have been grown in Michigan (maximum $20 per day).  If you do not spend all of your Double Up Food Bucks, you may save them for another day. The last day the program operates this year is Oct. 31.

The last day you can spend them at the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market is Saturday Oct. 26. The market takes place 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at  Gerald R Ford school, Madison Avenue just south of Franklin Street. (The Garfield Park Friday Farm Stand has already closed for the season.)

If you have Double Up Food Bucks leftover or want to take advantage of the program before it ends for the season, you can also visit other area participating farmers’ markets through the end of the month. Click here for a complete list of those markets and their open hours.