New European legislation on the ‘Marketing of seeds’ is a threat to Food Security and Democracy

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Join the European citizen’s appeal for SEED FREEDOM AND FOOD DEMOCRACY

This petition was launched on the 2nd October 2013 – Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary.

We are reminded that in the spirit of Gandhi, civil disobedience is necessary, when unjust laws undermine our common goods.

Seeds are a common good. They are a gift of nature and the result of centuries of hard work of farmers around the planet who have selected, conserved and bred seeds. They are the source of life and the first link in our food chain.
This common good is in danger. European legislation has been increasingly restricting access to seeds in the past decades, with industrial agriculture becoming the dominant model of farming. Only seed varieties which fit this model may be marketed in the EU. They must pass complicated and costly tests and registration procedures and their cultivation depends on chemicals. This legislation has dramatically reduced diversity of seed varieties which is seriously threatening our food security. Seeds are no longer in the hands of farmers and gardeners. A handful of global seed companies are controlling and monopolizing the market: The same six multinationals control 75% of all private sector plant breeding research; 60% of the commercial seed market and 76% of global agrochemical sales. (ETC Group).

The new legislative proposal of the European Commission is making things worse. It is further restricting and reducing agro-biodiversity and the free access to seeds for farmers and citizens, and encourages multinational seed companies to claim exclusive rights on the marketing of seeds. On the other hand seeds which carry a broad variety of pest resistance and the ability to adapt to climate change are increasingly excluded from the market or restricted to so called niche markets. This legislation not only affects Europe but the entire planet.

We firmly reject this seed monopoly law. At a time when the UN recognizes that the future of food is agro-ecological, local and diverse, the European Commission proposal will criminalize the growing and vibrant alternatives based on seed freedom and food democracy. At a time when consumers are making a choice for local, ecological, healthy, tasty, nutritious and chemical-free and GMO-free food, the proposed EU seed law is robbing consumers of their food freedom. 72% of the world’s food comes from small farms – We are not a niche – We are the future!

Make your voice heard!
Sign this appeal to:

  • Reject the European Commission “Seed Monopoly Law” and Demand your right to vibrant, healthy, chemical-free and GMO-free seeds and food.
  • In the spirit of Gandhi, call for civil disobedience against unjust seed laws and declare:We will not recognise any law that illegitimately makes seed the exclusive private property of corporations, contradicts the overall objective of conservation and enrichment of diversity strengthens a failed system of industrial agriculture, and ignores vibrant and healthy alternatives creating sustainable communities and food security in all regions of the world.

“As long as the superstition remains that unjust laws must be obeyed, so long will slavery exist”. Mahatma Gandhi


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