Well House 19:1 Campaign: No one needs to be homeless

As a campaign supporter, OKT asks you to join Well House for the 19:1 Campaign kick-off, 5:30 p.m. Monday, November 18 at 600 Cass SE.

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Watch the campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sbq9UPbtEU

On any given night in Kent County there is an estimated 1,000 people who are experiencing homelessness. These are people living on the street, sleeping under an overpass or staying in a temporary shelter.
According to the West MI Realtor’s Association, there are roughly 19,000 available housing units in Kent County. These housing units consist of both homes and apartments that are currently not occupied. This means that for every person who is currently experiencing homelessness in Kent County, there are 19 empty housing units they could be sleeping in.
The reality is that no one needs to be homeless, especially not with the housing resources available in this community. The fact is that most people experiencing homelessness have a source of income; they just can’t afford the current market rate for homes and apartments. In addition, this should tell us something about the dysfunctional nature of “the market,” which allows people to suffer the injustice of homelessness.
The 19:1 Campaign is designed to do two things. First, educate people about the housing disparity in Kent County that leaves hundreds of people in a state of homelessness. Second, provide the community with an opportunity to support the Well House Housing First Model.
The Well House Housing First Model provides people with low-cost housing opportunities to people currently experiencing homelessness. Well House operates on a housing first, tenet-centered approach, which recognizes that every person’s need is different. However, if you can first provide people with low-cost housing, you give them an opportunity to have a safe place to live and the necessary support to address any personal issues they may need to.

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Support this campaign!
• Attend one or more educational opportunities (Beginning Nov. 18)
• Endorse the campaign formally. If your organization or group supports this campaign, post it here or send it to us at contact@wellhousegr.org
• Post and share campaign materials.  Call Well House at (616) 245-3910 or stop by the Well House office at 600 Cass SE.
• Donate to Well House – wellhousegr.com/donate.Well House plans to raise $25,000 between November 18 and the end of 2013. The money Well House raises will be used to finish rehabilitating a boarded up house that will be used to provide more affordable housing opportunities to people currently experiencing homelessness.