Free webinar this Wednesday: “Building the Chemical Dimension of a Sustainable Civilization”

Teresa Heinz Professor of Green Chemistry
Director, Institute for Green Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Presented by Great Lakes Green Chemistry NetworkMichigan Green Chemistry ClearinghouseWebinar Dec. 11, 3:00 p.m. 

“How can we negotiate with the future?”  Dr. Terrence Collins poses this as a key question in this special webinar that looks at the ethical challenges advances in sustainability technology have propelled to center stage in the quest for safer chemicals and a civilization predicated on sustainability. Many environmental indicators now show the dangers civilization is facing due to the technology choices that we have made and continue to make. The chemical dimension and current trends in how the principles of Green Chemistry are being applied demonstrate these challenges in an immediate way. While the Brundtland Commission definition of “sustainable development” remains the cornerstone for the way forward, Dr. Collins proposes that sustainability has a compass which can be used to guide the ethical use of sustainability technology in the future. Other important tools include the “Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development” which formulates approaches to sustainability challenges across disciplines, sectors and cultures. Yet, the question still remains: what set of ideas will guide future leaders to be effective in the pursuit of sustainability? A “Code of Sustainability Ethics” will be decisive in answering that question.
Space is limited.
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