5th Annual Detroit Food Summit March 31 – April 2

Focus: HOPE Conference Center
1400 Oakman Blvd.
Detroit, MI 

Join us for the 5th Annual Detroit Food Summit as we highlight new collaborations and celebrate local food. Each year the Detroit Food Policy Council hosts an annual conference to bring together community members, organizations and public sector leaders to develop strategies for building a healthier food system and in Detroit. Detroit Food 2015 is hosted by Detroit Food Policy Council and the Detroit Food and Fitness Collaborative. Detroit Food 2015 will emphasize Reclaiming the food system for the betterment of the city’s citizens, Redefining our needs and Rebuilding our food system so that it works for all in the short, near and long terms.

The registration fee is $150 for all three days; $50 for Day 2, Day 3 or both; and $50 for youth. Scholarships are available for students and others who might not otherwise have the financial means to attend. Registration and scholarship requests will be available on our website March 3. To find more information on Detroit Food 2015 visit www.detroitfoodpc.org or call313.833.0396

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