Do you want to grow a food garden? Contact OKT today!

anita aCall 616-206-3641 or email We will provide:

  • Site visit and garden blueprint. Visits will take place between now and April 15.
  • Plants and seeds to begin your garden.
  • Raised beds and soil.
  • A food garden coach to assist with designing and planting the garden.
  • Garden toolkit

OKT asks our food gardeners to:

  • Attend a food grower orientation in April.
  • Attend three April & May educational workshops.
  • Attend at least one additional OKT event each month, if possible.

OKT primarily works with households with children in eighth grade or younger who are challenged with access to food. Our geographic areas include Baxter, Eastown, Garfield Park and Southtown (SECA) neighborhoods. If you do not live in these area, we will attempt to help within our capacity.