OKT hosts Aug. 12 event: “Let’s talk Food Security & Sovereignty” with Special Guest, Mike Cohen


OKT’s Southeast Area Farmers’ Market addresses food insecurity n GR’s southeast neighborhoods. Photo: Drew Davis, OKT.

Garfield Park Lodge, 334 Burton SE 49507
Aug. 12 6:30 p.m.
Potluck & Discussion

Farmer and ecologist, Mark Cohen, an organic certifier and Bionutrient Food Association (BFA) chapter leader from Amesville, Ohio, will lead a discussion on food security and food sovereignty. He will speak to the what, why and how of developing regional food security and food sovereignty and provide information on forming local BFA Chapters focusing on the importance of food quality and nutrient dense food.

Mark Cohen has been working alongside other folks in Ohio for three years, organizing and setting up Mineral Depots, Grower Education, Consumer Education, Networking with Allied Organizations, and Food Quality Research. The Bionutrient Food Association is a national association of voting members who agree to uphold the mission of the organization and advocate for vital soils, nourishing food and healthy people. BFA partners with Grower Members to develop and implement practices that will improve food quality while making their operations more lucrative and sustainable. BFA helps consumers identify, advocate for and locate bionutrient food. BFA advocates to retailers and wholesalers for the preferential placement and promotion of bionutrient food. Finally, BFA empowers public and private policymakers and investors to support the shift from the century-long paradigm of factory farming to one in which quality food is profitable, ecologically sustainable, tastier, and equally available to all.

This series of talks is sponsored by OKT & the MI BFA Collective. They are working together as a collective for several Michigan BFA chapters to take hold in as many communities across the Great Lake State as possible.