OKT bulk foods pilot project off to a great start!

As a pilot program of its Food Diversity Project and the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market, Our Kitchen Table began offering market patrons the opportunity to order bulk  whole foods from Country Life Natural Foods, a supplier to food co-ops throughout the Midwest. The numbers are in and the first order was a success! “We had a total of seven households order. The families ordered combined total purchases of $650.60,” says Christina Flier, manager of the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market. “Four of them will be utilizing their food subsidies to purchase through the market, partnered with their  Double Up Food Bucks. These families have just increased their pantries, will be able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, and create wholesome meals for their families while supporting their community and maximizing their benefits. It’s a win – win for everyone.”
Flier will be placing Country Life orders on a monthly basis, with the next order being submitted mid-September. Market patrons and OKT constituents can order from paper catalogs available at the market or from the online catalog on Country Life’s website. OKT does not add any mark-ups or fees. After the orders arrive,those making purchases can pick them up at the market. The market will also keep some staples on site for direct purchase.
“Thank you to everyone who participated this time around. I’m beyond excited and feel this will be such a positive addition (to the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market),” Flier says. “We all deserve access to nutritious whole foods!