Campaign seeks to “Just change how you feel about food assistance.”

JFD logo $2Just imagine a just food system.

.With government food assistance comes social stigma. However, each year, the current Farm Bill gives $956 billion of taxpayer money (your money) to big agribusiness that destroy the environment, exploit workers and are at the root of our public health crisis.Meanwhile, it cut $8.6 billion from food assistance programs.

OKT’s Just Food Dollars Campaign seeks to:
1) Educate how  tax dollars are used to support an unjust and unhealthy food system.
2) Challenge the public to view government food assistance programs as beneficial and
warranting increased funding.
3) Illustrate that food assistance programs give public money back to the public.
4) Invite more people to sign up for any and all food assistance programs, especially Double Up Food Bucks.
5) Encourage people to support the local food system by patronizing the South East Area Farmers
Market, participating in OKT’s Food Growing Program and attending workshops and food sharing opportunities so that we can build a movement that creates food justice.

For more information, download our new handout, “Just Food Dollars.”