Free online summit celebrates African American Wisdom



It can be discouraging, even heartbreaking, to hear about the pain and suffering our global family members are experiencing — in our neighborhoods, home towns and all over the world.

With so much focus on all that’s wrong with our world, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that we have visionaries, community leaders and citizens who are performing great acts of love, compassion and service every single day — forging new pathways and presenting innovative solutions for these challenging times.

And so many of these who exemplify humanity’s extraordinary potential draw their soul-powered strength, creativity and brilliance from African American wisdom.

This special event provides a truly unique way to participate in Black History Month… as we’ll be honoring history AND visioning our future. Members of every race will come together to address the injustices and traumas while also celebrating the positive steps being taken to create a society where EVERYONE thrives.

Additionally, we’ll cherish the unique flavors, traditions and spiritual wisdom that African Americans (and others of the African Diaspora) contribute to our society throughout the year, through wise leadership, profound artistry, words of truth and inspired actions that transcend what we believe to be possible.


Too often, we define our conversation about African Americans around the challenges of racism and injustice, which — while important — can distract us from appreciating the amazing gifts, blessings and knowledge that have emerged from this rich culture.

Some of America’s greatest leaders — in realms from social change to spirituality to entertainment to business — have emerged out of a history of oppression.

In The African American Wisdom Summit, bright lights will be sharing their secrets to success as well as the practices and traditions that sustained them during the most challenging moments on their personal journeys.

Speakers include:

  • LeVar Burton shares on the power of merging education and entertainment as well as the responsibility to spread the love of reading to new generations.
  • Cynthia James brings to light the importance of Radical Self Care while healing wounds of self-worth and histories of personal and collective community trauma.
  • Sonya Renee Taylor reveals how radical self love is essential for global justice work.
  • Luisah Teish takes you on an ancestral journey to help you crack the code of your inherited genius.
  • Shariff Abdullah, Founder & Executive Director, Commonway Institute, Topic: Your Role in Creating A World for All

Moving Toward Global Unity

It’s difficult to talk about the huge racial divide taking place in America and across the planet, however this is THE most important conversation we as humanity can be having. During The African American Wisdom Summit, we’ll not only be opening up an honest dialogue and global conversation on race, we’ll also be identifying clear ways for you to create sustainable changes.

This global gathering is not only for African Americans, but for every citizen of the world who wishes to be blessed, transformed and bear witness to the flowering of real genius, great love, and profound wisdom.

During this groundbreaking month-long event, you’ll discover:

  • Accessible, soul-powered practices you can use in your daily life to support personal and collective healing and evolution
  • A deeper awareness of the the African American experience and the unspoken power dynamics People of Color face every day
  • Inspirational stories of individuals making positive shifts (large and small!) despite facing racism
  • Self-care, creativity and other restorative practices that can help you sustain inspired action in social justice work
  • Effective ways to integrate the wisdom that is naturally, organically and authentically within you and your community
  • The importance of economic empowerment for individuals, families and communities
  • Innovative insights for social healing, bridging divides and fostering unity and collaboration
  • A fascinating look at the embodied, holistic, spiritual healing traditions of Africa and the African diaspora
  • The history of the use of music and dance to raise the vibration of the body in spiritual rituals, economic endeavors and political resistance
  • All the joy, the passion and the beauty of being African American, and how that is reflected in our world