Herbs from your garden ARE medicine


Native to our area, mullein’s leaves remedy respiratory congestion while its flowers address back pain.

Last night, Detroit food justice and media activist, Lottie V. Spady facilitated OKT’s Women of Color Cook, Eat & Talk: Herbs from Your Garden as Medicine. After sampling delicious sauteed dandelion greens and sipping freshly brewed herbal teas, the group assembled to hear Lottie explain how the earth gives us herbs to meet our various physical and medical needs. She became interested in their natural powers when caring for her elderly mother before she passed. After completing formal herbal studies, Lottie began work with  Exhalation Integrative Wellness Center and the Urban Apothecary, a pop-up shop. She creates herbal products under the Detroit Elixir & Salve Company brand and  blogs at Earthseed Detroit. Lottie touched on food justice, the indigenous roots of herbal medicine and some basic remedies growing right in our neighborhoods.

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