Housing Now! Public Hearing

Reposted from Fran Dalton, Garfiled Park Neighborhood Assocation


7 p.m. Jan 9 ,City Commission Chambers, 9th Fl. Cit y Hall, 300 Monroe Ave. NW.

During 2017, the City Commission held work sessions to consider ordinance, policy, and program changes to remove housing development barriers, incentivize the creation and preservation of affordable housing, and increase housing choice. A Public Hearing has been scheduled on January 9, 2018, to receive input on the following four recommendations provided by the Housing Advisory Committee.

Recommendation #1 – amending Title I Administration, Chapter 9 Property Tax Levy and Collection, Article 5 Taxation of Assisted Lower-Income Housing Ordinance (also known as Payment In Lieu of Taxes, or PILOT)

Recommendation #4 – modification to City Commission Policy 900-45, Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Recommendation

#5 – new City Commission Policy entitled Voluntary Equitable Development Agreements (VEDA) Recommendation

#7 – new City Commission Policy entitled Property Acquisition and Management

The Public Hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the City Commission Chambers located on the 9th Floor of City Hall at 300 Monroe Avenue, NW. Visit this link for more information about these items, the remaining Housing Advisory Committee recommendations, and accomplishments to date.