Food Justice Film Festival

The Food Justice Film Festival, Sept 24-27, features four award-winning films that connect issues of environmental justice with our food system, racial justice and access to healthy, sustainable food. Watch independently or set up watch-parties with your staff, friends, family to stay connected during these trying times. Films are free for all audiences. Each film will be available for 24-hours on its scheduled day during the #FoodJusticeFilmFestival.

  • Sept. 24: “Gather” – a brand new release about indigenous food sovereignty, traditional food systems that protect biodiversity of nature.
  • Sept. 25: “Invisible Vegan” – a film about African American access to healthy, sustainable food, cultural heritage, and plant-based diets.
  • Sept. 26: “Dolores” – featuring Dolores Huerta, an influential labor leader and her work to protect farmworkers.
  • Sept. 27: “Urban Roots” – highlighting the urban farming movement to address lack of access to sustainable, healthy foods.

Each film at the #FoodJusticeFilmFestival has an accompanying panel of interviews with filmmakers and activists including:

  • Dolores Huerta – renowned labor activist
  • Sanjay Rawal – dir. (“Gather”) and Jasmine Leyva – dir. (“Invisible Vegan”)
  • Jo’Vonna Johnson Cooke – Maitu Foods, Eugene Cooke – Grow Where You Are
  • Jacqui Patterson – climate activist from the NAACP
  • Twila Cassadore – San Carlos Apache activist
  • Samuel Genshaw – Yurok tribe and director of the Ancestral Guard
  • lauren Ornelas – director of the Food Empowerment Project
  • Kat Lopez – Veggie Mijas (activistas de la tierra)
  • Alfonzo Chavez – Food justice advocate, Flowers and Bullets
  • Neza Xiuhtecutli – Farmworkers Association, Florida