Public health experts urge Michiganders to decline to sign Unlock Michigan 2 petition

Dangerous initiative would shift public health decisions to unqualified politicians, putting kids and seniors at risk

Note from OKT: Whenever you are approached to sign a petition, read it carefully! Don’t rely on what the paid signature-gatherer tells you the petition is about.

Public Health Over Politicians, a group comprised of public health officials, doctors and nurses who believe the health of all Michiganders should come before partisan politics and political games,  is urging Michigan voters to decline to sign the Unlock Michigan 2 petition – a dangerous initiative that would put kids and seniors at risk by shifting decision-making power from public health experts to politicians in a public health crisis.

“Public health experts are best suited for making informed decisions based on education and training when it comes to protecting the health and safety of Michigan residents, which is why we strongly encourage voters to decline to sign this irresponsible petition,” said Linda Vail, chief health officer for Ingham County. “COVID-19 cases are on the rise and kids are heading back to school. Signing this petition would vest decision making in unqualified politicians, putting everyone at risk, and in particular our kids, our seniors and others who are most vulnerable. It’s not the time to politicize science. Now is the time to rely on public health experts to do their jobs.”

The same group behind Unlock Michigan 2 led an initiative that stripped the emergency powers of the governor during a public health emergency. If Unlock Michigan 2 is enacted, all public health emergency orders will automatically terminate after 28 days — even if those orders are protecting people and saving lives, just as cases of COVID-19 surge and Michigan students prepare to return to school.

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