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Go healthy with greens, fresh or frozen

Our contest winner, Donna King (right), braved the elements to share her delicious “Donna’s Greens and Cornbread.”

Cold, rainy weather put a damper on the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market October 13 Greens Cook-off and Green Tomato Festival. Our contest winner, Donna King, braved the elements to share her delicious “Donna’s Greens and Cornbread.”

Don’t let the weather fool you. Now is the perfect time of year for cooking greens. Greens like collards and kale can keep on growing and producing into December. Greens are easy to preserve in your freezer, too.

Here’s how. For collards, cut of the stalks and cut out the thick center stem. Fold the leaves and cut into bite size pieces. Heat a large pot of water on the stove to boiling. Blanche a couple big handfuls of greens in the boiling water for two minutes. Scoop out with a large slotted spoon or colander with a handle. Let drain and cool in another colander. Press out excess water (or spin it out with a salad spinner). Freeze in freezer bags.

While fresh always tastes best, the frozen greens sure taste good during those long winter months when locally grown produce is less available. Plus, your frozen greens provide you with lots of nutritional benefits. Research shows frozen vegetables have almost as much nutritional value as fresh—especially if you are buying them from a local source.

“Greens Cook-off and Fried Green Tomato Festival” to showcase best greens and green tomato dishes

The first weekend of November, both Southeast Area Farmer’s Market locations will host a “Greens Cook-off and Fried Green Tomato Festival” Do you have a family collard or turnip greens recipe that beats all? Are your fried green tomatoes to die for? Then come on down and get the recognition you deserve.

The event sponsor, Our Kitchen Table, will take place: either November during regular market hours:

  • 5 – 7 p.m. Friday November 4 at Gerald R. Ford Middle School market.
  •  9 a.m. to 1 p.m.Saturday November 5 at Garfield Park market.

Chef Nancy Rutledge will be our volunteer in charge. You may have met Nancy last summer at the Gerald R. Ford Middle School market when she shared samples of a tasty, healthy veggie stir fry, coleslaw and fruit.

OKT will ask all Greens Cook-off entries to bring along their recipes so we can compile and share them with our neighbors who shop at the Southeast Area Farmers Markets next season. For information on registering the Greens’ Cook-off, email oktable1@gmail.com or call 616-570-0218.

Are the recent cuts to welfare and food stamps impacting your family, friends or neighbors? You can still use up your Project Fresh, Senior Project Fresh, WIC or Kent County Health Department coupons for produce at either Southeast Area Farmers’ Market location. We also accept EBT/Bridge Cards and participate in the Double Up Food Bucks program.

If you grow your own food or would like to learn how, talk to one of the women from OKT at the market. We are recruiting home growers to sell their produce at both market locations. And, we have resources for neighbors who want to start growing their own food.

Both markets are open through November 12, so come on down!