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Learn how to save seeds for next year’s food garden

“Seed is the first link in the food chain. Seed is the ultimate symbol of food security. Free exchange of seed among farmers has been the basis of maintaining biodiversity as well as food security. This exchange is based on cooperation and reciprocity.”From Seed Freedom: A Global Citizens Report,coordinated by Navdanya

1236462_657749657569146_1000651918_nOur Kitchen Table food garden coaches will facilitate a free workshop “How to Save Seeds,” 6 to 8 p.m. Monday May 23 at Garfield Lodge, 334 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids MI 49507.

The workshop will address the importance of saving seeds and methods for saving different varieties. Participants will will not only learn a variety of ways to save seeds but will also discuss the importance of non-GMO/heirloom seeds.

This is the fourth in a series of four food gardening classes that OKT is offering this year. The series will repeat, same time, same place, in June as follows:

  • June 6: How to Plan Your Food Garden 1
  •  June 13: How to Plan Your Food Garden 2
  •  June 20: Composting & Vermiculture
  • June 27: How to Save Seeds