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Want to grow a food garden? Come out to “Cook, Eat & Talk”

  • Who: Current and prospective food gardeners
  • What: Review 2011 and preview 2012 OKT garden program
  • When: 6 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 12
  • Where: Madison Square CRC
  • Why: Participate in OKT’s 2012 food garden program

With the holidays right around the corner, most people are not thinking about gardening. However, the women of Our Kitchen Table have been busy these past weeks setting things in motion for next year’s Southeast Area Farmers’ Market.

Our farmers’ market vendors include home gardeners as well as farmers. Next season, we hope to have even more home gardeners selling their produce at the markets.  On Tuesday Dec. 13, OKT is hosting a “Cook, Eat and Talk” session for both gardeners who participated in OKTs gardening program last growing season and neighbors who are interested in participating in 2012.

The OKT Food Diversity Project gardening program is open to residents living within the SECA, Baxter, Eastown and Garfield Park neighborhoods who are pregnant or have children under age six; have economic challenges; or have health challenges that can be addressed by growing their own food, for example, diabetes, lead poisoning, asthma or high blood pressure.

OKT resources include starter plants, compost, soil testing, containers and/or raised beds for growing and garden coaches as well as a host of educational opportunities. And, when the harvest comes in, these home growers can share their surplus with neighbors or sell their surplus at the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market. For more information, come to the “Cook, Eat and Talk” session or contact OKT, OKTable1@ gmail.com or 616-570-0218.