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Chicken, Life-threatening UTIs and Women’s Health
Wednesday, Aug. 8th
1:30pm CDT
11:30 am PT~12:30 pm MT~2:30 pm ET

With 6-8 million cases per year, urinary tract infections primarily impact women. As many as 85 percent of UTIs are caused by E. coli bacteria, most often a specific form of E. coli known as ExPEC. ExPEC are believed to cause up to 40,000 deaths from bloodstream infections each year. As they get more resistant to antibiotics, ExPEC infections and resulting deaths will rise. It’s a troubling trend, given that these infections are already becoming more antibiotic resistant. This webinar focuses on the new, compelling science showing that women are contracting ExPEC infections from eating contaminated chicken. What’s more, we are now finding that chickens raised in environments where antibiotics are routinely added to chicken feed for growth promotion has helped create this problem. Read more and register