Food Justice class: Mapping the Food System


The Southeast Area Farmers’ Market is one of the healthier locations on GR’s southeast side food map! Saturdays 11 a.m. to 4p.m. at MLK Jr. Park.

Mapping the Food System
Monday July 106—8 p.m.
Baxter Community Center
935 Baxter SE 49506
(entrance on Bemis)
Sponsored by OKT &
Baxter Community Center

Whether you are a parent, grandparent or live alone, if you want to discover better ways to stretch your food dollar and improve your diet, this workshop is for you. Join OKT and Baxter Community Center as we work together to create food maps for our neighborhoods. What is a food map? It is a map listing all the options for accessing food where you live. After identifying these locations, we will talk about (1) the nutritional quality of the food available and (2) how we can get more nutrients into our diets using the resources that we have: food assistance dollars, gardens, foraging, pantries, farmers’ markets, buying clubs and retail establishments.

We’ll also talk about food justice, food security, food apartheid and food literacy! In OKT also welcomes those who work on issues of hunger, under-nutrition and food justice to join this important conversation.