OKT welcomes Chef Jermond to virtual cooking classes

Meet OKT’s new guest chef, Chef Jermond Booze at our Educate to ELevate Virtual Cook, Eat & Talk, 3 p.m. Saturday April 2! We are honored to have him as part of the 2022 E2E team!

A native of Little Rock Arkansas, Chef Jermond has worked in more than a dozen restaurants in several positions. Next September, his pizza restaurant will open in the new Allied Media headquarters in Detroit’s Love Building. He also works as a grocery and retail consultant with his latest project, Seasons Market & Cafe, which recently opened in Midtown Detroit. He also serves as a classroom facilitator for the Detroit Food Academy, teaching middle and high school students basic culinary art skills. Lastly, Jermond is one of three the founders of Taste the Diaspora Detroit.

Chef Jermond moved to Michigan to attend Eastern Michigan University where he majored African American Studies. He received an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Whales University. His hobbies include fishing, cooking of course and spending time with friends and family.