Farmers’ Market at LINC Oct. 6

SEAFM fallSoutheast Area Farmers’ Market, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays
Oct. 6, 13, 20, Nov. 3 & 10 at LINC Parking Lot, Madison Ave. north of Hall St. SE
Oct. 27 at MLK Park

grfd.jpgOn Oct. 6, GRFD Residential Safety Program (RSP) will share resources at the market.  The RSP is designed to reduce the number and severity of fires in Grand Rapids. The GRFD and our partners are offering free in home fire safety assessments, free smoke alarm upgrades and installations, one-on-one fire safety consultations specific to the residence and a connection with our partners to assist with fire safety issues


Farmers’ Market at MLK Jr. Park 9/29

IMG_1119Southeast Area Farmers’ Market
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays

MLK Jr. Park, Sept. 29 & Oct. 27 Franklin St. & Fuller Ave. SE 

LINC Parking Lot,
Oct. 6, 13, 20, Nov. 3 & 10
Madison Ave. north of Hall St. SE 

The Southeast Area Farmers’ Market provides a wide variety of local produce, cottage kitchen foods, personal care items, crafts and ready-to-eat foods. Our vendors are primarily women of color, home growers and residents of OKT’s targeted neighborhoods. In addition to providing access to healthy food, the market hosts meal preparation activities, workshops and guests from community organizations.We Bridge Card, SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC and many other assistance and coupon programs.

Women’s Summit for Southtown.

sothownThe Women’s Network of Southtown is planning it’s first Women’s Summit for Southtown. It will be an opportunity to inspire, motivate and engage women on self awareness and living confidently. Events start at Madison Square Church, October 27, 2018 and proceed down Madison street.  This event will be the first of many to increase awareness and stimulate the economy of Southtown of Grand Rapids for the 49507.
If you are interested in helping this event in anyway, by offering gift bags, tokens for participants or even  sponsoring a woman to attend; please help us to  encourage and support the women of Southtown.
If you would like to be a  vendor, tables are available for $50; all vendors should reserve their spot by Oct 8, 2018. Reserve at:

5 reasons to shop Southeast Area Farmers’ Market this weekend

  1. 2018 flyerFresh is best for you and your family

Freshly picked, local produce has more flavor and more nutritional value than produce that’s grown far way, picked green, and transported hundreds or thousands of miles.

  1. You are helping build an alternative

The industrial food system feeds us nutrient-poor, chemical laden foods that cause a wide range of health problems. We need to build an alternative. You can start building it right here in Grand Rapids.

  1. You are helping Mother Earth

Local foods grown in living soil without chemicals do not contribute to global warming, environmental degradation, and the global health and environmental risks associated with GMOs.

  1. You get to know your neighbors

Yes, you can shop the market in less time than a fast-food drive-through, but why? Stick around, chat with our vendors, get acquainted with your neighbors and build community.

  1. Help reduce the stigma

The Southeast Area Farmers’ Market not only accepts food assistance dollars, we WELCOME them. Not because there is a profit to be made, but because healthy food is a human right. Everyone should be able to purchase healthy and whole food in our communities!

Learn about Planned Parenthood’s resources at Farmers’ Market Saturday

unnamed (2)Southeast Area Farmer’s Market
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday Sept. 15
LINC parking lot,
Madison Ave. north of Hall St. SE.
Bridge Cards, Double Up Food Bucks and WIC Welcome!

On Saturday Sept. 15, staff from Grand Rapids’ Planned Parenthood Irwin/Martin Health Center  will table at the market, providing information about the full range of affordable services that they offer area residents with or without health insurance.

Did you know that in addition to helping with women’s healthcare and contraception, the health center offers general healthcare, HIV testing, LGBT services, men’s healthcare, pregnancy testing and services and more?

In addition, Planned Parenthood’s trained educators offer comprehensive sex education that helps youth and others learn about sex and sexuality, explore values and beliefs about those topics ,and gain the skills that help them make healthy choices despite bullying or peer pressure. Statistics have proventhat comprehensive sex education is more effective than abstinence only programs in reducing teen pregnancies, abortions and STD rates.

OKT is proud to stand with Planned Parenthood!

GR Veg Fest folks to table at farmers’ market Sat. Sept 1

Southeast Area Farmers’ Market,Saturdays 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
On Sept. 1, 8, 15 & 22 the market meets at LINC  Madison Ave. north of Hall St. SE 

poster-2018_headersize-copy-1-e1534247292667Volunteers from the Grand Rapids Veg Fest will be sharing resources at the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market on Saturday Sept. 1.

VegFest is an annual vegetarian food festival held in cities around the world to promote veganism and vegetarianism, healthy lifestyles, compassion for animals and conservation of the environment.

Grand Rapids is one of the most vegan friendly cities in the US with more than 40 identified vegan friendly restaurants in town and boasting one of the oldest, most active vegetarian Meetup groups.

Do you need to be vegan to attend? No! The goal of annual Grand Rapids Veg Fest is simple: to promote plant based diets for health, compassion, and conservation of the environment. With local and national vendors, nationally-recognized speakers and food samples galore, Vegfest is the place for vegans, vegetarians, or omnivores curious about the health benefits of a plant based diet

Local and national vegan businesses including foods, cosmetics, clothing and fashion, animal rights organizations, restaurants and wellness coaches will be at the Veg Fest. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide samples, sell products on site, promote their organization and recruit volunteers for their campaign. Attendees will be able to learn about new products, make connections with local vendors, watch plant based cooking demonstrations, attend lectures and receive the support and resources to learn how a plant based diet could work for them.


While OKT does not promote vegetarianism or veganism, we do recognize eating a plant-based diet as one of many strategies for growing food and environmental justice and decreasing the exploitation of people and animals.