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Free MSUE online classes on preserving fruits and veggies

Southeast Area Farmers Market opens in a couple week! If you learn how to can and freeze the fresh Michigan produce you buy there, you can feed your family good food all year ’round. Tonight’s class highlight African American Cuisine. On June 23, learn how to make jams and jellies. And on July 7, learn how to can. Click here for information and registration.

MSUE free online canning classes start Thursday

Register here!

Are you thinking about preserving food at home this summer? Join MSU Extension to learn best practices for safe home food preservation and receive valuable resources to ensure the safety of your home preserved foods.

Classes offered at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. each of the following Thursdays:

July 8 – Preserving Berries

July 15 – Preservation Methods-Safe or Unsafe?

July 22 – Pickling-Not Just For Cucumbers

July 29 – Water Bath & Atmospheric Steam Canning

August 5 – Shopping & Storing MI Fresh Produce from the Farmers Market & U-Pick

August 12 – Peaches-Can or Freeze?

August 19 – Picked a Peck of Peppers-Now What?

August 26 – Filling your Freezer

September 9 – Too Many Tomatoes

September 16 – Salsa 101

September 23 – Drying Produce and Fruit Leathers