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Saturday’s Cook, Eat & Talk focuses on freezing veggies

Freezing vegetables, Oven roasted tomatoes for the freezerCook, Eat & Talk
10 a.m. to noon, Saturday Sept. 20
Sherman Street Church kitchen
1000 Sherman St. SE.

Ms. Toni Scott, Our Kitchen Table’s cooking coach, will show you how to prepare various vegetables for your freezer. (Frozen greens take up very little space!) The October 11 and November 1 Cook, Eat & Talk events will also share food preservation tips, including canning and drying herbs.

Stop by before you head to the Southeast Area Farmers’ Market to stock up for winter!


New OKT cooking coach facilitates first cooking event of the season

FrittataOKT’s newest team member, Toni Scott, jumped into her role of cooking coach last Saturday at the season’s first Cook, Eat and Talk event. “I just love to feed people,” Ms. Scott says.  “I especially like to grill, all year long. I grill turkey, vegetables–when I don’t eat vegetables, I feel sluggish.”

Last year, Toni got many of her vegetables from the OKT container garden she tended with her family. However, that wasn’t her first exposure to gardening. She grew up in a health-conscious family. “My dad had a garden behind the garage and mom cooked from scratch for my four brothers, two sisters and me.”

One of the only times Toni got in trouble as a youngster was when she ate some fruit from a neighbor’s tree. She didn’t have any trouble impressing the folks at Saturday’s event. Her nutritious frittata was a little taste of heaven—plus it’s simple to make and used inexpensive ingredients. Click here for the Frittata Recipe.

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Don’t miss the last Cook, Eat & Talk of 2013

Sat. Nov. 9, 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. 
Sherman St. Church, 1000 Sherman St. SE, GR.

Join us for a fun informative time as baker and Southeast Area Farmers’ Market Vendor, Rose of Rose’s Delights, demonstrates how to bake pumpkin bread and other healthy desserts.

Here are photos from the October’s Plant, Cook and Eat. OKT Garden Coach Kelsey Hakeem taught participants all about garlic and sun chokes (Jerusalem artichokes).